Hi, hey, hello! I'm a "self-proclaimed" fashion girl, ballet flat connoisseur and all-around visual enthusiast. I'm partial to vibrant color stories, but am just as appreciative of a clean minimalist aesthetic. I can most often be found typing away at a coffee shop (more on that in a sec), but during my spare time I'm an avid museum goer with the somewhat lofty goal of spending every Sunday at the Met (or the Whitney, I don't play favorites). What else? I have a growing love affair with NYC and hope to relocate there sometime in the near-ish future to pursue a career in fashion. But don't be mistaken, Vienna remains my home away from home. Hence the inspiration behind my blog's name. When I'm not blogging (or spending copious amounts of time curating my Insta feed), you can find me over at Brit + Co covering the style beat and offering my freelance services to other online spaces.

Onto the more important stuff: My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip. I'm currently obsessed with all things millennial pink. I'm probably the only person who goes to a coffee shop with the sole intention of ordering a blood orange San Pellegrino. If I were an emoji IRL, then I would *obvs* be info desk girl with the good hair. SE3 will forever (and ever) be my favorite VSCO Cam preset. I'm the ultimate morning person — yes, even before caffeine. 

Phew. That was a LOT.

But just in case you're still wanting more, you can also tag along with my daily adventures on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Want to get in touch? Feel free to contact me about potential collaborations, or just say hello, via my contact page. I'm currently available for freelance work (writing, social media — you name it!), and would LOVE to join forces with other like-minded creative types.

Thanks for stopping by!


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