enjoy. the. moment.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not typically one to dish out advice.  (If anything, I'm the one who's normally on the receiving end. What can I say, I need guidance!) And, I guess today is really no different as the words that I'm sharing serve as more of a subtle reminder than anything else.  No matter where you're currently at in life  whether you're heading back to school, starting your first big girl job or have found yourself in a limbo of sorts  take time to enjoy the moment.  It's so simple, so in-your-face-obvious, yet I feel like we all forget to pause and enjoy life.  

Call me "Miss Sentimental," because I totally am, but I'm currently all about cherishing this moment. This time next year, I have no idea where I'll be or what I'll be doing.  Read:  this is terrifying news!  If you ask me, it's all the more reason to enjoy still being in school and realize that it's okay that I remain quite unsure about my future plans.  SO, maybe my classes aren't perfect...but nonetheless, I'm still loving this moment, just as I cherished the beginning of summer, the annual block party/carnival in a neighboring town (hey, it's the little things!) and a trip to my favorite city.  Having just completed the first week of school (aka the best week of the semester), I want to be optimistic for what's to come and try not to dwell on the negative too much.

In the midst of all my rambling, please, just enjoy the moment.  Sometimes I feel like everyone is in such a rush to grow up, to graduate, to move away...and I personally think there's something to be said about this moment in time.  Enjoy it for what it is and love life. 


august. the. list.

Welp!  We all know that August is synonymous with two things:  back-to-school and the final dog days of summer.  While summer break has definitely been a pleasantly long one (seriously though, May seems like forever ago!), I can't believe that it's almost over. Naturally, I created my August list with the new school year in mind  a new planner, a witty sweatshirt for chilly mornings and a chic cross-body bag for the girl on-the-go (aka me).  Without further ado, here it is!

august. the. list.
1. 2015 Bella Bookshelf Agenda (Kate Spade): Since I'm currently all maxed out on planners for 2014 – I'm currently using three! – this KSNY agenda will be at the top of my list come January.
2. Say Yes Sweatshirt (J.Crew): I say (a million times) "YES" to this sweatshirt because why not?! Throw it over jeans, a white skirt, a navy dress – basically anything – for maximum perfection.
3. Quirky Ampersand Ring (Forever 21): A ring that graphic designers and typographer lovers alike need to have in their lives.
4. Marylin Short (French Connection): These floral shorts are making a reappearance on the blog, because they're so cute and undeniably summer-tastic.
5. Printed Silk Snood (J.Crew): You know what they say, the perfect printed snood is the exclamation point to every ensemble. Okay, so I don't really know anyone who says this, but I say it, so consider it my #tipoftheday.
6. Jasmyn Hair Tie Set (Twistband): Another great back-to-school essential, but this time via my favorite brand of hair ties. This set of striped, solid and metallic "safety yellow" Twistbands would be just as pretty on your wrist as in your pony tail.
7. Star Cluster Bangle (J.Crew): Twinkle, twinkle. For once, no arm party needed – this star cluster bangle is refreshingly simple as is.
8. Arquiste for J.Crew Perfume (J.Crew): In case you haven't heard, J.Crew has teamed up with Arquiste founder Carlos Huber to create two exclusive scents. I was just reading up on the collaboration and the fragrances were inspired by Exhibition by 31 Women, "the first modern art show of all female artists in the United States." Long story short, Huber is a firm believer that a fragrance should transport you to a time and place, hence the inspiration behind the two scents.
9. Padlock Bracelet (Kate Spade Saturday): New school year, new charm bracelet. Done.
10. Cecil Court Bobi (Kate Spade): If you follow Kate Spade on Instagram, then you may have seen this cute video they put together. In a nutshell, this bag holds all the necessities and then some! And don't even get me started on that classic Kate Spade shade of green (snap pea green to be exact!)... #obsessed

What are your back-to-school essentials?


keds. style.

It wasn't too long ago that I hinted at a future post on styling Keds.  Well, today's the day!  I finally got around to curating three easy-peasy looks that I think would be perfect for the gal heading BTS (back-to-school, that is!) or simply anyone on the search for a casual on-the-go weekend look.  Truth be told, I myself haven't gotten around to wearing my navy Keds as much as I would have liked (#guilty)...but I assure you that endless outfit possibilities are on the horizon.  And, when that time comes, you can bet that I'll be sharing my #kedsstyle here on the blog.

Three pairs of Keds, three equally rad looks  here ya go!

Keds Style: THE Trendsetter

First of all, I think there's something to be said about a quirky + playful sweater.  Second, I love how on-trend, yet totally effortless this look is  seriously though, no shoe laces means that these guys can be slipped on at a moment's notice.  Third, if you're heading to class, this oh-so-deep tote by KS Saturday will have you more than covered.  Let's just say that looking cool for school will be a cinch this semester!

1. Inside-Out-Pocket Tote in Vachetta // Kate Spade Saturday
2. Champion Mesh // Keds x Kate Spade New York
3. Eloisa Sweater // Joie
4. White Asymmetrical Skort // Goodnight Macaroon

Keds Style: The Everygirl

Ah, the everygirl.  She who covets stripes while simultaneously yearning for an off-duty pair of denim shorts...sound about right?! As a self-proclaimed sucker for stripes (especially those of the J.Crew variety), I can't think of a more appropriate pairing.  While the stripes lend a lil bit of Parisian to this look, the chic cross-body bag screams fashion girl-in-training.  When you find the perfect pair of Keds (like these Champion Originals), why change a good thing?           

1. Freja Cross-Body // Club Monaco
2. Champion Originals in "Stone" // Keds
3. Painter Tee with Zips // J.Crew
4. Super Sky High Denim Shorie // American Eagle

Keds Style: The Prepster

While maybe a tad more eclectic than preppy, this outfit is the epitome of FUN!  I dare you not to fall for the dizzy floral printed shorts, I know I have. Although I'm still very much on Team Summer, I think this outfit would be ideal for transitioning into fall.  Wear a chunky cardi in the morning and by mid-afternoon you can take it off to reveal your favorite, tried-and-true white v-neck tee.  I've always been an advocate of mixing-and-matching prints, and shoes are no exception.  You guys, stripes + floral is practically a match made in heaven, but you already knew that!

1. Texturework Cardigan in "Marled Caramel" // Madewell
2. Champion Pop Stripe // Keds
3. Casual Slub Cotton T-Shirt // James Perse
4. Marylin Short // French Connection

What's your favorite way to style your kicks?  Leave a comment below!


bendel. girl.

Well... I've been back from my trip to NYC for almost a week now, but I'm still very much in a New York state-of-mind.  Museum-hopping, shopping (everywhere, from Fifth Avenue to SoHo!) and taking in the big city surroundings is pretty much my idea of a perfect getaway.  Since I know I will eventually get around to doing a big ol' recap of my trip, I won't go into the specifics just yet.  I do, however, want to spotlight one of my favorite stores in NYC that I always love stopping in  and more often than not snapping pics of their fabulous window displays.  What shop am I talking about you ask?  Henri Bendel, of course!  If you've been to the Henri Bendel in NYC, then you know that it's a mecca for handbags and accessories galore.  While it's not exclusively located in New York (I've been to one in the D.C. area), the NYC flagship is by far the best one.  Everything from its unparalleled location and iconic storefront to its stunning interior can't be beat.  With all that said, in an effort to get back into the blogging routine, I thought I would share a few things that I'm currently loving from Henri Bendel.

bendel girl

1. I Heart Henri Bendel Coffee Cup:  For every NYC working/interning gal who needs her coffee on-the-go, behold the perfect cup. You're welcome!
2. New York Skyline Mini Phone Case:  The quintessential phone case for bloggers and social media gurus alike.  Truth be told, I'm kind of obsessed with the gold embossed skyline...
3. Bowery Backpack:  This sleek leather backpack has off-duty appeal written all over it.  Wear it on the streets of NYC or tote it to class for major style points.  It's A+ approved!
4. Tribeca Stack Ring Set:  Seriously, who doesn't love stacked rings these days?  Wear one or all three for an effortless look that is anything but boring.
5. Debutante Slim Fabric Clutch:  Just to be clear, I am NOT ready for fall...but I do think this floral jacquard clutch would look ah-mazing with a herringbone blazer, dark wash skinnies and a great pair of tasseled loafers.  Am I right?!  

Are you a tried-and-true Bendel girl, too?


P.S. - In case you were wondering, I did snag a super cute pair of cat eye shades from Henri Bendel's summer sale!  I'm sure they will be making an appearance on the blog soonish :)
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