coach x peanuts.

Over the years, there’s no doubt that Coach has undergone a transformation of sorts.  In stark contrast to their less than stellar Coach Poppy collection (#notafan), the Coach Legacy line is as classic as it gets.  With a new creative director  hey there, Stuart Vevers  it appears that the rise of Coach as a lifestyle brand is paving the way for a more edgy “modern Coach girl.”  If you don’t want to take my word for it, then just check out their AW14 collection.   

I have to be honest, though, Coach has been on my radar lately thanks to their limited edition collection with Peanuts and the gang. Eek!  The collaboration is totally quirky and unexpected, but I think that’s why I love it so much.  According to Coach’s website, the collection of leather goods is actually already sold out online (!!!), so good luck getting your hands on it now.  In addition to handbags embossed and printed with Charles M. Schulz’s most iconic illustrations of the Peanut characters, there is also a free app that you can download.  (If you want to be photobombed by the Peanuts characters in all of your pics, then by all means give this app a download!)

What are your thoughts on Coach x Peanuts?  Leave a comment below!


what’s. in. my. bag. // pt. II.

Welp!  Half of the semester is dunzo...and, truth be told, I’m not sure where the time has gone.  In a way, it’s hard to believe that we've arrived at the halfway point, but on other hand, August (and syllabus week) seems SO long ago.  Either way, I thought that now would be the appropriate time to finally (!!!) share my school bag essentials.  I snapped these pictures a while back, but alas, never got around to posting about them.  Just as a refresher, back in March, I did a fun feature spotlighting “what’s in my bag” (i.e. what I cannot leave the house without). Make sure to check it out if you haven't already!

Truth be told, on a typical day of classes, I normally have to carry a big tote.  BUT, on the rare occasion that I have a lighter load, my Old Navy bucket bag (similar) is everything. It’s chic, effortless and holds more than meets the eye.  As far as notebooks go, I rely on my Moleskine Cahier Journal and Rollbahn (gridded) notebook.  Both flaunt a minimalist design and are small enough to ensure that they don’t take up too much room in my bag. Note: this is key for me.  

On a good day, one of my fave fashion magazines may or may not end up in my tote. (Side note: I do love me some Glamour UK!) In between studying, reading up on the latest fashion trends is naturally at the top of my agenda.  #priorities  
When it comes to my writing utensils, I’m a total pen snob and for good reason.  My roundup of go-to pens will have to be left for a future post, but Muji, Le Pen, Staedtler and Stabilo are four that never disappoint.  Oh, and that pen case…yeah it’s by Muji and I highly recommend it.  Not only am I in love with the minimal design, but it also prevents my pens from mysteriously going missing at the bottom of my bag.
While some people invest in one trusty planner, I’ve done the unthinkable and actually have three which I admittedly don’t use as much as I should.  I will say, however, that for school, my red Moleskine planner is both functional and professional.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about school supplies, it’s that sometimes form does not follow function.  Take these Jack Wills sticky tabs and Jonathan Adler highlighters for instance. While they’re both super cute, they just may be too cute to use.  On the other hand, they do make great photo props… #doitfortheinstagram

Muji pen case.  // Le Pen.  //  Muji Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pens.  //  Jack Wills stick notes.  //  12-Month Weekly Moleskine Planner.  // Rollbahn notebook.  //  Moleskine Cahier Journal (set of three).  //  Jonathan Adler highlighters

What are your must-have school essentials?  Leave a comment below!


P.S. - The other day I spotted Kate Spade highlighters at my school’s bookstore, and oh-em-gee, they’re just as witty and knock-your-socks-off-good as one would expect!


Somehow I blinked...and then it was October 1! To say woah (!!!) would be an understatement. In all fairness, however, October isn't that bad. As much as I wish that it was still summer, October just so happens to be both my birthday and blogiversary month. Can't go wrong there!

What are you looking forward to this month?


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