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As far as wardrobe staples go, finding the perfect pair of jeans comes second to none.  In fact, I would go as far as saying that it’s non-negotiable.  Because really, why should you have to settle for a pair that is anything less than stellar?  Exactly, you shouldn’t!

Now that we’ve got that straight, allow me to introduce you to the latest luxury denim brand on the market, Industry Standard.  Made in LA and based in New York, Industry Standard has honed in on the craft of making a great pair of jeans with the budget-conscious fashionista in mind.  In comparison to jeans retailing at $200+, Industry Standard jeans are practically a steal at just $95 or $105 per pair.    

Nicole Najafi, founder of Industry Standard, was tired of not being able to find high-quality denim for a reasonable price, so she formed her own brand.  With a background in fashion (she previously worked at Balenciaga, Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent), Najafi brings considerable experience to the table.  After all, it takes someone who wholeheartedly loves denim (and fashion) to know what it takes to craft the perfect pair.

To maintain low production costs and manufacture denim of the utmost quality, the Industry Standard way is to partner with one of the best denim factories in LA.and keep production local.  Skipping the middle man means that the focus is spent entirely on supporting American manufacturing and providing close inspection and care for each pair that is produced.  In the end, everyone wins!  

Perusing Industry Standard’s aesthetically stunning website, it’s clear that Najafi is setting the “industry standard” for the denim of tomorrow (or rather today!).  With a careful attention to detail and craftsmanship, each pair guarantees that you’re getting the best (and most comfortable) fit possible.

Currently, Industry Standard offers five styles. In addition to The Margot and The Simone, The Odette, "a crisp white jean for year-round wear," is a game-changer. Winter whites, anyone?! Whether you fall for The Margo Midrise’s signature indigo denim with gold stitching or The Simone Midrise that notably comes in a “brilliant blue hue that has been mixed to perfection” you’re bound to be in good company.  

If the jean fits, wear it.  Even better, pair it with a t-shirt or ever-so-slightly tuck in a chambray shirt. For denim connoisseurs alike, Industry Standard won’t disappoint.  Try on a pair today and show your love for them on Facebook and Instagram!

Will you be going the Industry Standard route?  Already a fan of I.S. denim?  Leave a comment below!


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