mani. of. the. moment.

Fact:  I'm a sucker for an extra sparkly accent nail and am guilty of piling on the glitter more often than I'd like to admit.  This manicure that I did last week (inspired by a pin on Pinterest) not only delivers on the pizazz factor, but it's a game-changer.  The best part is that this is a mani that everyone can pull off — it's simple to create and the result is kind of ah-mazing.  I mean... look at those SPARKLES! 
"Give a girl the right sparkly accent nail and she will conquer the world..."
Maybe it's just me, but finding a good white, opaque polish has proved to be nearly impossible.  (Any recommendations?!)  The white lacquer that I used by Kate Spade Saturday is as close as I have come. Granted, it takes about three coats to achieve full coverage... And, it wasn't until I finished off with my tried-and-true "Good to Go" topcoat by Essie that I was truly pleased.

Urban Outfitters ("Spicy")  |  Kate Spade Saturday ("White") |  Zoya ("Mira")  

From one nail polish addict to another — what's your go-to mani?  Leave a comment below!


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