peace. love. summer.

I'm feeling very bittersweet today as we prepare to leave summer behind for the arrival of fall. (ICYMI: The first official day of fall is tomorrow, 9/23).  The funny thing is, I'm not even a fan of hot, humid 90-degree weather.  I prefer my days to be warm-ish + sunny with the possibility of an ice cream cone always on the horizon.

The thing that I love most about summer is the easy-going and free-spirited vibe that seems to accompany us from May through August (and some of September).  Oh, and the long nights when it doesn't get dark until around 9PM. Simply put: I equate summer with vacations (NYC over the beach any day), frozen treats (bomb pops, soft-serve ice cream and shaved ice), printed shorts + vibrant manis, endless nautical stripes, #navyornothing, July 4th (duh!), 7-Eleven Day, McAlister's Free Tea Day, carnival shenanigans and, most importantly, time spent outdoors soaking up the rays (while wearing SPF 100, of course).

While fall really isn't that bad — October is my birthday month after all and I will become accustomed to the chillier temps and added layers soon enough — I definitely find myself yearning more and more for summer as each year passes. In some ways, I guess you could say that it's become my favorite season.  In honor of the "official" end of of summer, I've put together a Steller story consisting of some of my favorite snapshots from the past few months.  Enjoy!

What will you most miss about summer?  Are you ready for fall?  Leave a comment below!


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