48-hour. asheville. photo. diary.

With July whizzing by, I thought I’d share a glimpse of a recent weekend that I spent exploring Asheville, North Carolina. In short, Asheville had a lot of character. Despite only being in town for roughly 48-ish hours, I was able to peep the downtown scene and check off a new place on my non-existent travel bucket list. (Note to self: It’s ‘bout time that I make one.) Keeping in mind my brief stay, I’ve compiled a visual photo diary of some of my fave snaps — namely, pretty buildings, street art and a v aesthetically pleasing dessert spot that brought much happiness to my soul.

I won’t touch too much on shopping, but I did swing by the J.Crew outlet store where I managed to score a pair of Stubbs & Wootton smoking slippers for a fraction of their original selling price (can’t wait to wear ‘em this fall!). Besides an assortment of clothing boutiques scattered in downtown Asheville — not to mention an Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters — the Biltmore Village is a shopping destination with retailers like Brooks Brothers and (another) J.Crew as well as smaller independent boutiques (Lilly Pulitzer devotees should check out Palm Village).   

As it turns out, Asheville has their very own Flatiron building. Let it be known: I was that crazy tourist who just had to snap 135456 pictures of the building from every imaginable angle. What a beaut.


Another architectural gem I stumbled across was Asheville’s Grove Arcade, an indoor mall that’s just as elegant on the outside as the inside. Bonus points, ‘cuz the skies were extra blue the day I was there making for some seriously pretty shots.

Fun fact: Asheville’s Jackson Building, rendered in Neo-Gothic style architecture, was western North Carolina’s first skyscraper. Too bad it’s closed to the public — I would’ve loved to have climbed to the top, which I jokingly referred to as “Rapunzel's Tower.”

While I didn’t make it to any donut shops (Vortex Donuts and Hole Doughnuts were on my list), I’m not even complaining because I found something better. If you’re in Asheville, I 10/10 recommend making a stop at Sunshine Sammies. YUM. Here you’ll find some of the most scrumptious handcrafted ice cream sandwiches, waffle tacos and cookies. I ordered a scoop of their mint chocolate chip ice cream and had a nibble of one of their classic chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sammies. Besides all the mouth-watering desserts, let me also just rave for a sec about their new storefront (just opened on June 23!) and cool urban space. From their wood countertops and paint-splattered floor to the bright yellow metal bar stools, Sunshine Sammies is made for the ‘gram. Oh, and they also have the cutest vintage truck (which I may or not have posed alongside post-treat).  

All smiles. :)

Where have your recent travels taken you? Comment below!



  1. I loved Asheville! So much eating, drinking and culture around every corner. Sunshine Sammies will have to be on the list for my next trip.

  2. So many pretty views! I need to visit Asheville!


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