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Fall, as we know it, is knocking on our door. The leaves are changing. Snaps of apple orchards and weekend excursions to the pumpkin patch have slowly been taking over my Insta feed. The only thing missing? In lieu of fall weather, we've been experiencing a bit of an Indian summer here lately. Although, to be fair, Virginia is known for its notoriously mild October temps.

Lemme tell you, these vintage Levi's cutoffs have been the real MVP as of late. Since the onset of summer, I made it my mission to uncover a pair of perfectly broken-in Levi's in a light wash with minimal distressing. (See inspiration a la the one and only Amy Stone here.) Don't ask me to explain the difference the between a pair of 501s or 505s (couldn't tell ya if I tried!), but best believe the scavenger hunt to find the quintessential cutoffs is worth it in the end. Seeing as to how I'm new to this thrifting business, I hit up Urban Outfitters' Urban Renewal line for some reworked Levi's. I recommend checking in store for best selection and to ensure that you're getting exactly what you bargained for. Each pair is unique, so distressing and washes vary.

Can we talk about this rad striped blouse by College Town for a sec? It also just so happens to be a thrifted piece that I picked up at a local vintage shop. After not purchasing it the first time I saw it (despite trying it on and falling in love with it immediately), I knew it was meant to be when it was still waiting for me on BOGO Wednesday (yes, I also ended up snagging a granny-meets-Alexa-Chung-esque floral embroidered cardigan as well). Between the retro stripes and flouncy collar detail, what's there not to love?

As far as throwback trends go, get ready to cringe. And cringe hard. I'm officially back on the scrunchie bandwagon — and I have Mansur Gavriel's fall 2017 presentation to thank for that. Who knew an effortless low-slung pony could look so utterly elegant and, dare I say it, non-fussy? Not I. To add that extra zhoosh factor, I secured my ponytail with an extra AF sequin scrunchie, and voila. Man Repeller status = accomplished.

Moving forward, I cannot wait to style my trusty Levi's with an oversized knit sweater and Chelsea boots. #OOTD snaps to come or it didn't happen...

What's the best thing you've ever thrifted? Comment below!



  1. This is such a great summer-to-fall transition look! Those shorts are awesome and I may or may not have looked up "vintage Levi's shorts" on ThredUP! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Thank you, Deborah! Ah, I must check ThredUP sometime — I'm currently in search for a vintage Levi's jacket!

  2. I am just getting into thrifting. Your lovely finds have given me hope that I will be successful. Thanks

    1. Thanks Alison! I'm new to thrifting as well, but am v. excited to see what I find next :)


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