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Some people say that you’re either a self-proclaimed shoe girl, handbag aficionado or accessories queen.  Keep in mind that you’re only supposed to pick one!  I think it’s safe to say that I’m all three (and NO, of course, I can’t side with one over the other!). 

As far as jewelry goes, rings are unquestionably my go-to.  Let’s put it this way, while I could forego a necklace or bangle on any given day, a ring is something that I never leave the house without.  My relationship with rings is pretty serious, but I guess that’s why I consider myself a bit of a ring connoisseur.   

Interesting enough, about 6-8 months ago, I formed a sweet spot for the daintiest of rings.  (This was a ground-breaking change for me as I’ve always been more of a cocktail ring-kind-of-girl.)  It began with an-oh-so-subtle bow ring and shortly thereafter a cutout heart ring soon came into the picture.

Fast-forward to now and my appreciation for dainty rings is still going strong.  Here are seven dainty rings that I absolutely love and adore.  Happy Monday!   

dainty rings

1.  Prince Charming Ring (Kate Spade)- If you’re one to get all wrapped up in fairy tales and happy endings, then this set of frog rings is sure to set your heart a flutter. 
2.  Gold Marrakech Ring (Kira Kira)- An everyday Moroccan-inspired ring that is the epitome of effortless-chic.  I think I’m in love! 
3.  Rhinestoned Bow Ring (Forever 21)- I actually already own this charming bow ring from Forever 21 and can attest that it gets worn at least 2-3 times a week.  For under $5, I say buy it!    
4.  Gold Knot Ring (Bauble Bar)- This simple knot ring has me thinking of summer, breton stripes and anything nautical.   
5.  Goreski Glasses Ring (Kate Spade)- I’ve been seriously coveting Kate Spade’s Goreski Glasses ring for far too long.  It contains the perfect amount of whimsicalness, yet is dainty enough that it can be paired with the simplest striped tee. 
6.  Scallop Pave Ring (Kate Spade)- Scallops are most certainly in my rotation these days – whether it be a scallop-trim skirt or sweet scallop ring, I’m in!   
7.  Cut Out Bird Midi Ring (Topshop)- I’m slowly beginning to jump in on the whole midi ring trend.  Not that my style is really all that boho or anything, but I like the free-spirited aura that comes with this bird ring.

Are you loving dainty rings as much as I am?  Which one’s your favorite?


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