new. year.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.  There, I said it.  Not to be a complete downer, but for me, a handful of resolutions don’t amount to much.  In year’s past, they’ve been nothing more than empty promises and goals that I make because it’s something you’re supposed to do at the beginning of the new year.  For 2014, all I vow to focus on is living a more creative life and surrounding myself with inspiration.  #nopressurethough   

My creed for 2014.

I started bitte. und. danke. at the tail-end of October and, to be honest, it’s not where I want it to be.  I haven’t hit my stride in writing or been very successful in coming up with unique posts. Not to mention, blogging regularly...oops.  That’s definitely something that I want to change, though. Nothing beats the excitement of getting a new post up and generating content that I feel strongly for.  I just need to find my groove.  

[in. the. moment.]
Living more "in the moment” – haven’t you heard that one before?!  Last year, I can’t even count the number of times I commented on how quickly time was flying by.  #literallyeveryweek  From now on, I want to do my best to stay busy-busy-busy and make sure that every minute counts (and by busy, I mean more productive and focused on doing things that I love).  Time wasted on worrying about a year going by too fast and growing older is not time well spent.  I don’t know where 2014 will take me and I’m okay with that.  I say enough with dwelling on future plans – I’d much rather focus on the “now.”

Part of the reason I began this blog was so that I could be more inspired.  Outside of my studies, I never read.  Though I’m known to read all of my favorite fashion glossies cover-to-cover, I can’t remember the last time I checked out a library book and actually read it.  Whereas in the past I would have been oh-so-excited to dive into Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel, these days I’m looking for something with a bit more substance.  I only long for books that are going to challenge and provide me with a new outlook on life.  In the coming months, I would love to read 1-3 tomes in the areas of fashion, design, architecture, art or travel. Recommendations, please :)

Going hand-in-hand with living more in the moment is being happy.  Outside of all my failures, frustrations, writer’s block, and anxiety (that stems from school and sometimes life in general), I would like to get more in touch with my happy side.  Whether I decide to pick up yoga to block out all of my negative energy or spend more time doing “what I love” (whatever that may be), happiness is underrated.   

As today marks the second Monday of the new year (and the ever-dreaded J-a-n-u-a-r-y!), it’s not too late to outline your goals (or resolutions) for the next 11 months.  How has 2014 been treating you so far?


P.S.- This post is about as heavy and deep as it will get on bitte. und. danke.  Look forward to something more uplifting on Friday!

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