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Busy, busy, busy!  As the end of the semester is in sight, things have definitely been picking up school-wise.  End-of-term projects are currently a top priority (as they should be!) and blogging has fallen to the back burner for the time being.  Since it is Monday, however, I did want to take a second to shamelessly promote the spring issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine!  It went live last Tuesday, and with all bias aside, I can honestly say that it's another winner :)  The entire Sweet Lemon team works so hard to put together each issue and I'm always left amazed by their creative genius.

A few highlights from issue 13:

1.  The cover girl is DJ Lindsay Luv...enough said.
2.  LOTS of spring fashion inspiration!  From what the SLM editors are currently loving to the official “spring list” (cue “new hues,” midi heels, gladiators and more!).
3.  I’m obsessed with Sweet Lemon’s interview with fashion blogger Lindsey Calla (aka Saucy Glossie). 
4.  Lion’s Thread:  say hello to bow ties for a good cause.  
5.  ...and more!

Finally, I think this quote by SLM’s art director, Kelsey Reifler, says it all:  “What to wear, who to listen to, what to see...I think we got you covered for this season.”

As always, make sure to show your #lemonlove by checking Sweet Lemon Magazine out on the following social media channels:

Just for fun, fill in the blank:  “when life gives you lemons…                  .”


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