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Every now and then, I stumble across a video that I absolutely adore and must share. Vogue magazine recently debuted their new video series titled "Vogue in Motion."  The first season serves as a mini documentary of sorts as it provides us (fashion-obsessed viewers alike) with a behind-the-scenes look "at how a Vogue editorial fashion shoot is done from pitch to publish."  Consisting of just three episodes, each less than five minutes in length, it's safe to say that I watched the entire thing in one sitting (to be fair, I'm actually re-watching it as we speak!).  Not to be cliche, but it was SO good – no second went unappreciated.  In classic Vogue fashion, each episode is carefully curated and ever-sophisticated.  I don't want to give away too much, but in the first episode, fashion editor Tabitha Simmons (she's so lovely!) provides us with a little taste of what it's like pitching the concept ("Flower Power") and looks for a fashion editorial that will ultimately appear in the March issue.  And, of course, no Vogue video series would be complete without Anna Wintour herself...in case you were wondering, she does indeed make an appearance.

Basically, if you're a fan of The September Issue, then #VogueinMotion is right up your alley.  I was going to only embed the 46 second trailer, but that seemed like such a tease.  Below is Episode 1:  Pushing the Concept for Petal Pushers, enjoy!  

What did you think?  It knocked your socks off, right?!


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