national. donut. day.

Every month, I’m always so intrigued by all the random national holidays that seem to pop up.  Seriously though, have you ever done a quick Google search on the “bizarre and unique holidays” in June (or any month for that matter)?  Well, I did just that, and I’m so glad that I did because otherwise I would never had known that today was National Donut Day!  Actually, I take that back. I’m sure that I would have eventually found out that it was donut day – but by then, it would have been too late.  Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk DONUTS.  

The fact that I’m dedicating an entire post to donuts probably leads you to believe that I’m a #donutfreak.  In a way, that’s partially true.  If I’m going to be completely honest though, I actually enjoy looking at donuts more than I like consuming them.  Don’t get me wrong, donuts are okay.  My favorite kind to eat is a simple cinnamon sugar twist since I’m not fond of icing, those oh-so-Instagram-worthy cute pink donuts covered with rainbow jimmies (or sprinkles) are off limits for me.  Sad, but true.

Whether you like how they taste or not, you can’t hate on donuts.  Even if you consider yourself more of a Ladurée macaron-kind-of-girl, there’s still something to be said about a mini-sized donut.  Finding donut-inspired items was much harder than I thought where is Kate Spade’s donut printed sweatshirt, donut-inspired bangle and coin purse when you need them?

national. donut. day.

1. Donut Worry (SS Print Shop)- This is the absolute best inspiration you could ask for:  when all in the world seems bad, just remember, “donut worry…”
2. Coffee and Donuts Mug (Indigo)- A humorous “just because” gift for your BFF/partner in crime.
3. Donuts Pen (Nordstrom)- The pen that you write with says a lot about your personality.  If you’re dough-dough for donuts, then this just seems fitting.  
4. Donuts:  The Ultimate Recipe Guide (Barnes & Noble)- While I would never attempt to make my own donut (#disasterwaitingtohappen), perhaps you’ll have more luck?
5. New York Doughnut Map by All You Can Eat Press (Urban Outfitters)- If you’re interning in the Big Apple this summer or have a trip coming up, you’ll want to get your hands on this NY Doughnut Map.  Just as the description reads, life is too short for bad doughnuts.  #truth  
6. Dylan's Candy Bar Donut Pendant Necklace (Dylan’s Candy Bar)-  This donut pendant necklace from Dylan’s Candy Bar is surprisingly stylish and on-trend.  It’s so quirky that it works.
7. Ceramic Donut Coin Bank (Forever 21)- Trying to revamp your work station?  How about investing in this ceramic donut coin bank watch the change add up and then treat yourself to the most scrumptious donuts you can get your hands on.   
8. Donuts Journal (Nordstrom)- The next time inspiration strikes, of course, you’ll want to reach for your donut journal first.  
9. Mmmm, Donut Pool Float (ModCloth)-  Hit the pool in style by drifting away in this ginormous donut float.  Rest assured that all eyes will be on you.  

...and a few more items that are quite donut-y in their own right:

How will you be celebrating National Donut Day?!


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