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I don't know about you, but minimalist manis have currently been my jam.  I follow Paintbox Nails, a modern nail salon in NYC, on Instagram and their nails are always on point.  Whether it's just the tips, barely there half-moons or a negative space design, I seriously cannot get enough. The best part about minimalist nail art is that it's not terribly difficult to pull off.  (In other words, you need not be an artist to achieve stellar results.)  Not to mention that cool girls everywhere are sporting them...

American Apparel "African Violet" (similar)  |  The New Black clear crystal rhinestone studs
A few weeks ago, I attempted a negative space mani embellished with tiny rhinestones and the result surprisingly wasn't half bad.  (Just as reference, see here for the Paintbox manicure that served as inspiration.)  Although it took some patience and a little trial and error, the entire process was pretty seamless.  I used tape to mark a line three-fourths the way down my nails and applied two coats of purple polish to the top half. Once the polish dried, I brushed on Essie's Good to Go topcoat (which I swear by) and carefully placed a rhinestone in the middle of each nail.  The toughest part of this manicure was undoubtedly getting the rhinestones in the correct position, right-side up. 

As for durability and wear, these nails definitely erred on the long-lasting side.  After one week, the majority of the rhinestones were still intact — when one fell off, I simply applied a new one.

What is your current go-to mani or favorite nail color?  Tell me in the comments below!


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