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I've said it in year's past and I'll say it again: for Vienna, I am grateful for so much.  There's no doubt that I would not be nearly as appreciative of good design and aesthetics as I am today had it not been for the five weeks that I spent in Wien.  To sum up my feelings four years later, I am beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to experience a Viennese space and to become immersed in the architecture and design.  From Vienna, I've learned to always look up (literally — architectural angles are always waiting to be found) and to find value in the creative process, whether it be sketching, producing models, taking notes or a combination of all of these things.  I've learned that bad, unsightly, cookie-cutter architecture and unthoughtful design is never the answer.  Most of all, Vienna has taught me to be passionate about the things that I love and to demonstrate good aesthetics in everything that I do.

Things that I miss about Vienna... in a nutshell, that would include everything.  What stands out the most, however, would have to be waking up each morning with a purpose and feeling inspired to go out and explore. Whether it be a day of note-taking + sketching at the Albertina, visiting with a graphic design firm or climbing to the top of St. Stephen's, every day in Vienna is a good day.

With all that being said, it's not a question of IF I will make the trip back to Vienna, it's WHEN.  #nowornever


P.S. Even four years later, I love how I can look through my Vienna photos and still uncover new gems.  For additional pics, see last year's post.

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