jeans. of. my. dreams.

The prettiest packaging I ever did see.
I'm on cloud nine right now, because I've found the most ah-mazing pair of jeans. Yay!  The quality + fit come second to none, the length is just right (seriously, no tailoring needed here!) and they're incredibly comfy. You may or may not remember me mentioning recently that I had plans to invest in a pair of Industry Standard jeans as soon as they came back in stock. Well, it finally happened and I can now say that I'm a veryyy happy owner of the Simone Midrise, a skinny leg jean with a "brilliant blue" wash. For $95, these jeans are a steal. It's hard enough to find jeans that I like, let alone a pair that fits perfectly AND is made of the highest quality denim. (Just FYI, Industry Standard jeans are designed in NY and made in LA.) When you take all of these factors into account, Industry Standard comes out as the clear front runner amongst all of the other countless denim brands. Well, in my opinion at least. ;) 

Now, onto the deets. I'm not going to lie, the idea of buying jeans online without trying them on first is kind of scary to say the least. Because no two denim brands (or styles) are alike, you can basically throw consistent sizing out the door. You just never know! In fact, I went up two sizes in the Simone Midrise. (As a rule of thumb, all Industry Standard styles typically run a size small!) Thanks to a brief questionnaire found on Industry Standard's website, I was able to plug in my measurements, along with my size in other jeans that I own, to determine my ideal size in the Simone. Long story short, the jeans have arrived and the fit is even better than I could have imagined. They're easily the nicest jeans that I've ever owned. 

A few more things to note: 2-day shipping is free! If the jeans you order somehow don't fit, you can exchange them for another size for free (no shipping and handling costs as long as you follow the correct guidelines for exchanging). If you're into your initials, monogramming is an option for an additional $12 fee. Lastly, the packaging will knock your socks off and you will proceed to snap photos of your purchase, because OMG, the presentation is so perfectly minimalist + Insta-worthy.
The Simone Midrise.
A recent #ootd in which I incorporated my new Industry Standard jeans!
I loved this cutout back!
Sorry for this unusually long post — I just can't stop raving! While I don't typically wear jeans during the summer months, I'm now more excited than ever to do so. BTW, I already know that my next purchase from Industry Standard will be the Simone Highrise, a black skinny leg jean.

Will you be purchasing a pair of Industry Standard jeans? Which style is your favorite?



  1. The jeans look great on you! I have the hardest time finding good quality jeans that fit my body correctly - I'm going to check this brand out :)
    Rhiannon @

    1. Thanks so much! Definitely give Industry Standard a try, their jeans fit amazing!

  2. you rock those jeans! I always have a tough time finding the perfect jeans, right now I am loving American Eagles jeans! xx, kenz

    1. Thank you!! Agreed — shopping for jeans can be one of the hardest things in the world! That's why I was so excited when I discovered Industry Standard :)

  3. Industry Standard sounds great! What material are the jeans made from though? Are they denim, or are they the thin, stretchy Forever 21 type? I need to invest in a new pair of jeans!


    1. Hi Sockwun! Industry Standard jeans are ah-mazing! The material is definitely high-quality denim. The style that I purchased was the Simone Midrise, so the denim is ultra-soft + stretchy (without losing its shape). If you're looking for more of a traditional indigo denim, then perhaps try the Margot Midrise/Highrise. Either way, I definitely recommend Industry Standard and can't say enough good things about my new pair of jeans! :) Let me know if you have any other questions!


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