NYC. #ootds.

As per annual tradition, I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days in my favorite city this past December. A recap of my trip will be coming to the blog soon, but in the meantime, I'm sharing the #OOTDs I wore. Just as a disclaimer: It was cold (like 20 degrees in the daytime cold), and so I was pretty limited in sartorial options. It was quite the wakeup call after last year's unseasonably warm temps. Bundled in layers with a cuppa steaming cider in hand, I think I actually fared pretty well. Regardless of the weather, anytime in NYC is a good time, amirite? Disclaimer #2: Don't be fooled, I only temporarily ditched my mustard coat for the third outfit snapshot.

Day 1: Since day one consisted of a six-hour-or-so train ride, I opted for a comfortable American Apparel floral dress, black tights, marled socks and lace-up ankle boots. Oh, and I cinched in the waist with a skinny leopard print belt from J.Crew. I’m thankful I decided to bring my mustard yellow toggle coat along — come the evening, having a hood to block out the windchill proved to be game-changing. AKA, I didn’t completely freeze.

Day 2: Being in the city during the most magical time of the year definitely influenced my decision to toss on this festive fair isle sweater by Free People. I opted for a casual look by styling it alongside my go-to Industry Standard jeans, lace-up ankle boots and a few layered necklaces. Side note: I'm so glad I thought to bring along my classic Cambridge Satchel bag. It was just the right size for everything I needed/wanted to carry, and it matched all my outfits without fail. #Winning

Day 3: In true NYC fashion (especially during the winter months!), you never know what to expect with the weather. That said, we actually woke up to some snow. While I enjoyed admiring the fluffy white stuff from the hotel room window at dawn amongst the quiet streets, trudging around in the slush was just a slippery mess. Although less chilly, a comfy-oh-so-cozy sweater from Scotch & Soda proved to be the perfect layering piece. I finished off the look with a cream-colored Club Monaco skirt and lace-up boots once again as the other ankle boots that I packed weren’t quite as all-weather friendly.

How do you combat the elements in style? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Both of these outfits are super cute! My favorite is your 2nd one! I can't get enough of fluffy stuff, your white fluffy skirt is sooooo cute!

    xo, Chloe //


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