toi. avec. moi.

Unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to learn French in high school. (I still regret it to this day, especially since I was stuck taking four g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s years of Spanish. No me gusta.) Fortunately, I DO have the somewhat recent-ish Madewell x Sezane capsule collection to fulfill my dreams of becoming a Parisian girl. As you can imagine, this playful striped tee was pretty much a no-brainer. Factor in the nautical stripes, the relaxed fit and the well-placed pocket (!), and you’ve got the quintessential French girl staple. 

I had to Google what the embroidery on the pocket translated to in English — ‘cuz you obvs can’t go around sporting an embroidered shirt not knowing the meaning behind it. Initially, it seemed as though the translation was “marry me,” but that just didn’t seem right. According to Madewell, it actually means “you with me.” Phew. That makes a lot more sense now knowing that Madewell and Sezane also designed a matching navy striped tee with the phrase “moi avec toi” (“me with you”). AKA, grab your BFF for a twinning look. 

And now onto the outfit deets. Although, I wore this particular ensemble when out and about on an unseasonably warm January day, it would be absolutely perfect for the weather that we’re having this week. It’s still winter, but boy does it feel like spring! I’m beginning to think that Punxsutawney Phil was wrong with his whole six-more-weeks-of-winter prediction. Not that I’m complaining or anything… To complement my favorite striped shirt of the moment, I opted for none other than my favorite denim skirt of the moment (also notably from Madewell and on repeat). With my shirt tucked in, the result was effortless and dialed down for the daytime. Last but not least, I accessorized with my go-to Cambridge Satchel bag, a pair of my beloved Bloch oxford flats and mirrored sunnies. I imagine this look working just as well with some rolled-up boyfriend jeans or white chino shorts come summer.

What are your must-have French girl staples? Let me know in the comments below!



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