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relaxed tee (in grey)  |  striped shorts (similar)  |  floral scarf  |  dainty necklace
When it comes to defining my personal style, I often find myself all over the place. Normally, I "aim" for a more classic preppy look (think anything by J.Crew, stripes + ballet flats), but other times I gravitate towards effortless pieces that err a smidge on the boho side.  But then again, I'm also really girly.  Sigh.  Sometimes I wish that that my style could be more consistent, but what fun would that be?!  Haha.  

The outfit that I'm sharing today was from Memorial Day Weekend.  The temps were hot and I just wanted to wear something that would be comfortable and easy-breezy.  I'm not sure why, but when I look at this outfit, something about it screams West Coast — just FYI, I'm an East Coast girl. 

what. i. wore.  Sometimes it pays to shop in the children's section.  The last time I was in Old Navy I stumbled upon this cute floral scarf (and a scalloped belt, not pictured) for less than $10. I'm all for fun of-the-moment accessories and don't feel the need to spend a fortune on them.  Another budget-friendly find that I recently acquired was this cute Eiffel Tower charm necklace.  For less than $4, it's such a steal — I highly recommend snatching one up before they sell out!  I myself can't wait to pair it with striped shirts and anything navy.  #navyornothing 

One more thing that I love: t-shirts, even better when they're striped.  At Gap, I found this jersey striped tee (in pink!) with elbow-length sleeves in the clearance section. While I'm perfectly fine with the sleeve length, I folded them this go-around for a more pulled-together look.  Lastly, the striped denim shorts that I wore were a sale find from Anthropologie last fall. I'm always looking for shorts and these were just quirky enough to catch my attention.  

How do you define your signature style?  Tell me in the comments below!



  1. I am swedish and I definitely embraced their style. Its all about neutral classic pieces that are minimalist. It's very chic (in my opinion hahah)

    Love your blog!


    1. Love it! I agree, minimalist = very chic! I wish that I, myself, could pull off a more minimalist style :)


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